Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bits and Pieces - Glass dome

We see and crave each other
But our bodies are apart
The glass that separates our worlds is far too strong, too resistant, too full of words, concepts and powers beyond us
Fate was a cruel friend to have aligned our paths making fools out of us
What was done cannot be undone
we shall linger through time thinking
If it was, if it is, if it will ever be
Sometimes the eye tricks the mind and I can almost feel a crack
I can almost feel your warm touch coming through
I poke and poke feeding the illusion that it will expand and collapse
But I cannot break the dome
How ironic it is that I am the one feeling trapped
when you are the one still standing inside...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bits and Pieces - Vazia

Dei tudo...
Não retive nada para mim e agora estou vazia…
Dei tudo…
Mas nunca foi o suficiente
Dei tudo…
Até o que não tinha
Dei tudo…
E agora não resta nada.
Fui a minha própria emboscada.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bits and Pieces - Pebbles

You offered me the world when all I wanted were two pebbles.
All I ever wanted, you never did listen enough to what know what is was.
It did not cost money, it did not take long hours to perfect.

It did not demand great sacrifice or change.
It was for free and it meant the world to me.

It was never I who wanted the world, all I wanted was those two natural pebbles.
Simple, free and just for me.
I really wonder if you will ever see what it really meant to me.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Longings and Loathings - Chapter 13

"This was an awesome idea, Charlie" she giggled.
"Told you this was the best place on earth, even if it is not your colours on the field"
"This way I can mock you live" she laughed full on "Well, I'll whisper it on your ear. I don't want to get beat up in here"

He stared at her with the cocky grin that she loved on his face.

"Do that, I'll give you a good old spanking to teach you to respect the great ones"
"Yeah, right! Promises!"

She had nothing better to do, so she joined. She always did have a good time when with Charlie.
Izzy always wondered how it would be like to actually have a go with him, but the notion of how it could ruin the most amazing relationship between them always stoped her. Charlie was a goof even though he claimed the same, she had always doubted that he would actually make a move.

She was bored so why not push him a bit harder, she knew his triggers due to years of open discussions about sex. They could handle a hook up and none of them was "busy" relationship wise.

"You are still to explain to me why in the earth you decide to come in a flowy skirt to a match full of machos high on testosterone."
"Easy access, off course! You never know... I see a couple of cute guys around... and girls."

She winked at Charlie and he measured exactly how much skirt there was covering her big butt. Izzy was a full on woman and he would so get lost on those curves. She didn't even realize that her size could never hide the sexy mind and sensuality that made her one of a kind.

"You are one wind-blow away from showing of your thong in here with that skirt."

She looked him in the eye and gave him her best naughty smile before leaning in close enough to smell his yummy perfum and whisper in his ear.

"That is not a problem, you see. I am not wearing any, let me show you..."

He stood very still for a moment before composing himself and uttering in a hard voice.

"Don't say that again or I'll rip off that skirt of yours."

She laughed and held her hand out to him.

"Come with me, I think I saw a hiding place over there."
"I know this place like the back of my hand, there are no hiding places, just places less in sight..."
"Is that a problem? I swear I don't bite."

He shook his head and followed her. She guided him to an access tunel, except for a few people going to the bathroom no one was coming that way. She pressed him against the wall and started to give light kisses on his check while pressing her breasts against his chest.

"What are you doing Izzy, are you sure of what you are starting here?"

She carried on with the light kisses while saying the honest words that she always seemed to be able to speak, no matter how hard they were to say.

"I've always... imagined... how it would... be... to taste you. Today... I'm finding out..."

She ran her tongue teasingly between her lips on his neck, making him shiver and finally place his arms around her waist.
They kiss each other's faces teasingly, taking turns, teasing the skin with parted lips and the tips of their tongues, taking their time with a silly child like game. She stops and stares into his big brown eyes and leans in to reach for more. She kisses him for the first time and tastes his mouth in hers and lets out a small pleasure sound as their tongues begin to dance in synch.
His hands slide over her ass, feeling how it fills his hands and she presses herself more against him, holding his face between her hands. She caresses his neck and allows her hands to wonder to his hair, while their lips merge without coming out for air, drowning in each other hungrily.

His hands wander from her ass to her thighs and hesitate before wandering any further under her skirt. She parts their kisses to look him in the eye and guide one of his hands to explore between her thighs. At the feel of his fingers in her shaved bare labia, she gasps for air and smiles nervously.

"See... no panties today."

The moist already growing on her sweet spot goes into his fingers as he starts playing with her, very gently. He smiles his cocky grin and brings up his fingers to taste, before guiding them back to where they came from and giving her a taste of herself from his lips.

"Izzy... we really should consider another location. I am two seconds away from ripping off the rest of your clothes..."

She heard the ringing sound getting louder and louder. She tried to stretch her arm to capture the demonic device that was pushing her away from the most awesome dream she had in months.
Grumpily she sat on the bed and silenced the alarm.

"Damn it Izzy... What the hell was that dream about? But damn..."

A sound of a text rings on her phone, she grabs it and read it on the screen.

Charlie: You're late. Do I need to join you or are you getting your sexy ass over here?

I just realized...

It's been almost two years since my last post.
Life has a way of playing tricks on us and all it brought my in the meantime has been a great learning experience, about the world and especially about myself.

I've learned that somethings are better left behind and that what made sense two years doesn't necessarly need to make sense now.

I'm a person of passions, always have been and will always be. I'm passionate about life, adventure, music and writing.
Some things that I adore got left behind while I healed myself, while I learned that what is dark can become light again and rise from the ashes.

I will resume with my stories my dearest readers, may you be occasional, by chance or even a follower I hope you enjoy what you find here.

xoxo Sofia

Friday, October 25, 2013

Longings and Loathings - Chapter 12

She felt herself hit the ground hard, she tried to stand but she was quickly overpowered by her attackers.
She felt the moment her skirt was violently ripped apart and the weight over her sore legs.
Her knees burned from the injuries caused by the several falls from her attempts of escape. Sweat prickled all over her skin and glued her thin shirt to her body.
She felt the burning tears escape from her eyes but held any sound possible, any sign of her pain only made them laugh harder, hit her body harder and be even more exquisite on the tortures they decided to inflict.

Her panties followed the skirt, making her groan from its ripping. She prepared herself to become numb, to hide somehow inside her own mind and be absent from what she knew was sure to follow.
She heard them argue about who would be the first and waited.

One of them pushed two fingers inside her vagina and said something that caused the other to laugh, but she no longer heard the words, she was slowly evading, going to a place where no one could hurt her but then she felt the grip on her long hair and sting of pain it caused, making her unable to hold a sound of pain to escape her throat.

It was their go sign...

They repositioned themselves and while one stood over her preparing to enter her from behind, the other moved to stand in front of her. The smell of dirty cock and urine caused her to gag provoking only more enjoyment to her attackers.

"Eat it bitch. If you bite it, I'll kill you."

She opened her mouth and tried to hold the gagging effect the smell provoked her while he shoved his cock down her throat. She barely moved, simply held her mouth open and tried to control her breathing. He thrusted and thrusted while tears kept running down her face.
The other attacker didn't take long to want his share and forced himself inside her ass with a violence she was sure something must have ripped inside of her.

All she felt now was pain, shame and hate.

It was the hate that kept her awake, that kept her enduring the violation of her body and the small hope and desire of revenge if it was ever in her reach in the future, if she survived, if she was still able to pick out the pieces of her that were being torn, if she ever was able to become herself once again.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bits and Pieces - Sleeping lines

I can't stop staring at the lines, your lines...
Your peaceful lines of your sleeping expression.
The sound of your steady breathing hypnotizes me...

I can't help but stare, I hold myself from giving in to the desire of touching you, afraid of disturbing your sleep.

I feel so powerless, so addicted to simply sitting by your side and hearing you breathing, just staring at your lines...

Sometimes I feel like I am not here, that I'm just a silent ghost watching you, hoping one day you will sit and stare at me, just stay there hearing me breathing while I sleep... Just as I do.

Maybe I am just crazy, insane, for feeling the way that I do...
But all I know is that now all I want is to watch you, watch your lines and simply hear you breathe next to me.